Daddy/Daughter Dance To ‘Shake It Off’ Goes Viral!

Start your weekend with a smile!

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An adorable little girl and her father have uploaded a ‘Daddy/Daughter’ dance to Youtube! Watch the duo strut their stuff to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’! As of today the video has over 4 million views!

I think this comment best sums up the video!

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RUN WALTER, RUN! The viral video that gives us the chance to be a dog for 35 seconds!

Run Walter, Run! Is a video posted on September 1 2014. At first sight a 35 second video with a still of a dog, well, it doesn’t look all that interesting. But 4 seconds in and you are glued your screen.

Run Walter Run

When they say ‘Run Walter’ they mean it! This dog is fast. And once you’re finished watching you can’t help but have a smile on your face

How can a dog running down a hill make us so happy? This video taught us that there is beauty in everything around us, especially when it comes to dogs.