Alex From Target Becomes An Internet Sensation!

The things we see on twitter these days …. #alexfromtarget


So a picture of an employee from Target named Alex has gone viral, trending on twitter now for two days! (WHAT?!)  At first it started out as people thinking Alex was good looking and everyone wanted to know who the mystery guy was, but whats happened now is a WHOLE NEW TREND.

If you jump on twitter you will see everyone jumping in on the action. People talking about #stevefromstarbucks #KelFromGoodBurger, it NEVER ENDS.

Some people however are outraged! They believe that if it was a girl who someone took a picture of, that it would be a completely different situation. That, combined with rumours he’s been fired and that his girlfriend is receiving death threats, makes this whole situation that much more crazy.

What do you think of this? Is it inappropriate? in good fun? or just plain stupid? Have your say in the comments below or sound off on twitter at @ItsVerySocial 


The Hobbit Inspires An Epic Airline Safety Video!

This really is the most epic safety video ever made!
The Hobbit Air Safety Video
Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and this is awesome! Who wouldn’t want to sit across from Elijah Wood or Sir Peter Jackson? Check out the awesome clip below!

Home Video Of Kim Kardashian Goes Viral! [VIDEO]

So ET has leaked some home footage from 1994 of Kim Kardashian at her 8th grade graduation.

She predicts her fame and goes on to explain how she is the ‘dopest of the ropest’ …….. Okay.
She is getting some serious flack for this video, but at the end of the day she was a child and she was having fun around her friends. So we can forgive the narcissism right?

Honest Trailers: X-Men Days Of Future Past! MUST WATCH!

Honest Trailers just nails it every time!
xmen honest trailers
This X-Men Trailer parody is right on the money and insanely hilarious! And the Terminator 2 reference is kinda genius!

Check it out!

The Incredible Footage of the Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea [VIDEO]

Holy Smokes! The explosive moment Mount Tavurvur erupted and triggered a sonic boom on August 29 shows the power of social media.

Thanks to onlookers on holiday, we all got to wake up this week and hop on our computers to watch the volcanic eruption followed by the incredible moment when the shockwave ripples clouds through the sky.

It is a rare sight!

This shows just how powerful this volcano is! And their reaction is priceless!