These Parents Told Their Kid He Had Ebola (PRANK)

This is pretty evil! But I would be lying if I said I didn’t laugh a little bit!

Watch as these parents (in protective masks) take their child’s temperature and tell him he has ebola!

What do you think? DId the parents take the prank too far? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us at @ItsVerySocial and have your say!


Weatherman vs Dog News Blooper! Hilarious Video!

We love dog videos, and we love news bloopers, here they come together for some internet gold!

weatherman vs dog news bloopers

Isnt Ripple the dog just the greatest?

The OSU Marching Band Rocks Their Halftime Show

Who said marching bands aren’t cool? The Ohio State University marching band completely rocked out their half time show on October 18.

Ohio State Marching Band

The theme was classic rock, covering Kiss, Scorpions and The Who just to name a few! Kinda obsessed with this video.

Michelle Obama: Turnip For What! [VIDEO]


Michelle Obama has taken over Vine with a Q&A! A Barack Obama impersonator asked a question that resulted in the first lady posting a recreation of Lil Jon’s ‘Turn Down For What’! (Well. Turnip For What) The video is to promote Mrs Obama’s healthy eating campaign. And its doing a pretty good job of getting everybody talking!

As of right now the vine has over 24 million loops! WOW!